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Basics of ATG includes: 

  • Introduction

3.      Basics Of ATG commerce

·         Scopes-in-atg

4.      Droplets

5.      Formhandlers

6.      TagLibraries

  • Repository
5.      Repository Queries

Integrations with ATG :

•    ENDECA 

    1.    Basics of Endeca
    2.    Discover application Creation
    3.    Sample application using Discover application
    4.    Endeca Concepts

•    SEIBEL 

    1.    Basics of Seibel

Creating New ATG module:
  1. Creating ATG module with Eclipse Pluggin 
  2. creating-new-atg-module-without-eclipse-plugin 
  3.  creating-new-atg-module-with-bcc-module
Frequent Errors we come across ATG installation And Usage: 
  1. Frequent-errors-during-atg-installation 
  2.  Errors-while-upgrading
  3. products-not-getting-displayed-in-atg 
  4. how-to-configure-currency-code- in-atg.html 
  5. baseline-update-not-running-in-full with 401 authentication fail 
  6.  baseline-update-not-running-in-full with resource pool exception
  7. dyn/admin-login-issue-with-default-admin 
  8. atg.workflow.WorkflowException: The inner project was not created 
  9. Missing tabs(Commerce Assets, merchandising, site administration etc) in BCC after fresh BCC deployment 
  10. cleaning-bcc-projects/agents 
  11. Could not initialize DescriptionBuilderService in BCC application 
Examples for ATG Concepts:

  1.  Tag Libraries Usage
  2.  how-to-display-products-and-skus-in-atg
  3.  how-to-add item to cart in atg (samples included here are for both multiple items at once and single Item)
  4. display Cart contents in ATG
  5. wishlist/ giftlist example
  6. Extending out of box components (droplets/ form handlers)
  7. customizing product catalog
  8. customizing Profile Repository
  9. Sample program for creating sub-class of a repository item
  10. examples-for-atg-rest-webservices 
  11. create a new repository with one to one relation ship, one to many , also many to many.
  12. Reset BCC configuration for removing the staging workflow 
  13. Assembling and Deploying Merchandising (BCC) Application with/without staging workflow 
  14. compress js files for minifying them 
  15. remove whitespaces from war 
to be continued..


  1. ATGCommProgGuide
  2. PageDevGuide 
  3.  ATG10.1 Official Documentation
  4. ATG 11.0 Official Documentation 
  5. OracleCommerce 11.1 Documentation 



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